Top 5 Online Educational Platforms in bangladesh

In the current era of technological revolution, online learning has become increasingly popular. It is worth noting that the popularity and availability of online course platforms may change over time. However, as of my last update in January 2023, here are five commonly used online course platforms in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, the popularity of e-learning and educational websites is on the rise due to the ability to acquire educational guidance and multiple skills from the comfort of one’s own home. Online education sites offer courses that are convenient and cost-effective. Some platforms provide certifications, while others focus on academic studies and skill development for personal and professional growth. With several educational websites available in Bangladesh, individuals have the flexibility to choose the most suitable one for their needs.
With that said, here are the top 5 e-learning and educational websites in Bangladesh that you can use to brush up on your knowledge and skills.
for personal and professional growth. Individuals in Bangladesh have the option of selecting the most appropriate educational website for their needs, thanks to the availability of various educational websites.
That being stated, here are the top 5 e-learning and educational websites in Bangladesh for brushing up on your knowledge and skills.

List of Top 10 e-Learning and Educational Websites in Bangladesh


  1. 10 Minute School
  2. Shikho
  3. Shikhbe Shobai
  4.  Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)
  5. Programming Hero

1) 10 Minute School

 10 Minute School is the biggest ed-tech startup in Bangladesh. It was founded by Ayman Sadiq, a well-known entrepreneur and influencer in 2015. Despite its humble beginnings, Robi Axiata Limited, the country’s second-largest mobile operator, became the title sponsor of 10 Minute School in 2016. Currently, the platform has over 3.6 million app users and 28 million social media followers.
specifically The network offers 40,000 educational films that follow the national curriculum, covering language acquisition, professional skill development, job preparation, and university exam preparation in addition to fundamental academic lectures.
With over 50,000 online quizzes and live classes available, it provides a comprehensive platform for learning. It is easy for students to monitor their progress. The organization has received many prestigious honors, such as the Youth Award 16, DYDF Youth Icon Award 16, BRAC Manthan Digital Innovation Award 16, Swiss Embassy Award for Social Impact, and Champion for Future Leaders’ League (London). Additionally, they have raised a total of $2 million through fundraising to date.

2) Shikho

Shikho is an e-learning platform founded in 2019 by Shahir Chowdhury and Zeeshan Zakaria. It aims to provide easy access to educational information for Bangladeshi youth across the country.
firstly In November 2020, Shikho launched its mobile learning app, becoming one of the fastest-growing educational platforms in Bangladesh. The app currently has over 350,000 active users spread throughout 64 districts of the country. Paid customers are spending an average of 68 minutes per day on the app.
secondly Shikho offers academic courses for SSC, HSC, and university admissions candidates. In 2021, Shikho expanded its product portfolio by acquiring Bohubrihi, a skill development learning platform established in 2016. Bohubrihi has over 100,000 registered users and offers 63 professional and skills-based courses, with over 100,000 students.

3) Shikhbe Shobai

Shikhbe Shobai, an online educational platform aiming to make freelancing a professional path for the 160 million Bangladeshi people, was launched on May 17, 2017. The CEO of this ed-tech platform is Rifat M Huq.
Shikhbe Shobai has trained over 14800 trainees so far, and the number continues to grow every day. Moreover, more than 425K individuals follow them on social media and support their cause. Their objective is to promote long-term self-sufficiency in Bangladesh through an online job model. The platform offers paid courses in Graphics Design, Web Design, UI and UX design, Web Development, Android App Development, and Digital Marketing, as well as specific freelancing sessions for each course.
In conclusion Shikhbe Shobai has recognized the achievements of five exceptional women with the “Successful Female Freelancer Award 2020” for their valuable contributions to freelancing. They have also taken the initiative to establish the first free online support center, which is accessible to everyone.

4) Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC) founder and director Ejaj Ahmad. The center began operations in 2009, and its online learning platform, BYLCx, was launched in 2018 to empower young people via leadership development.
BYLCx provides 45 free courses on themes ranging from communication to critical thinking, professional development, leadership, entrepreneurship, data analytics, project development, and much more. In addition to these free courses. BYLC will continue to offer cutting-edge leadership programs to Bangladeshi youth, both online and through instructor-led training.
There are, however,  flagship leadership development program is a 10-week course designed for first- and second-year university students, as well as H.S.C., O-Level, and A-Level students. In July 2019, BYLC launched BYLC Ventures, which funds the most promising founders in Bangladesh, facilitates commercial space, and provides customized business training led by successful CEO-turned-mentors, along with legal, accounting, and corporate governance support. Recently, Animo.AI, Biotech Energy Ltd., Premium Fruits, and Savoir Bangladesh received seed funding of BDT 800,000 from BYLC Venture: Cohort 4.

5) Programming Hero

Mr. Jhankar Mahbub, a well-known figure in Bangladesh’s programming sector, established ‘Programming Hero,’ a platform that aids in the teaching of programming in a fun and engaging manner. In 2018, an alpha version of the ‘Programming Hero’ app was released.
They have a mobile app that offers free game-based training in Python, mobile app development, C programming, C++, cyber security, and a variety of other disciplines. They also provide 16-hour comprehensive web development training. As it’s a programming e-learning site, they allow enrolled learners to attend and seek solutions through an online video conference help center using ‘Google Meet’. There are presently 51 full-time employees, 25 part-time employees, and two volunteers on the Programming Hero team. “Programming Hero” swiftly grew to become one of Bangladesh’s largest and most popular websites.
After only two years, “Programming Hero” has quickly grown to become one of Bangladesh’s largest and most popular Ed-tech platforms for online programming study.  

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